Our large, well-lit dining room welcomes our guests for lunch and dinner with a rich appetizer buffet.

The menu served at the table is à la carte with various meat and fish dishes. The Hotel Alexander kitchen always uses fresh produce to create daily sought-after dishes inspired by the tradition of Romagna. Homemade pasta, traditional sauces, fresh seafood from the Adriatic Sea will conquer you with the true flavours of the tastiest region in Italy.

On request, our chefs prepare special dishes for any food requirement: vegetarian and vegan, coeliac foods, always finding the right alternative for any food intolerance.

All our care is devoted to the menus for the little ones; our kitchen has a person available who only deals with their needs. Every day, according to mum’s indications, we prepare: soups and fresh vegetable broths, baby food, Plasmon pasta and blends of all kinds, fresh fruit and milk smoothies with Plasmon biscuits. In order to allow your children to eat in total comfort, the restaurant opens half an hour early, and for those who wish it, there is also a baby sitter available so that parents can also eat and relax.